Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimization

Social media has been taking the world by storm and with over 3.2 billion users worldwide (a number that is increasing every day), it has become hugely commercialized and is developing everyday as a marketing landscape. It provides a place for brands to directly engage with their
audiences and customers, and it has become extremely important for brands to have an impressive social media presence. Social Media marketing in India is a field that is constantly expanding, and social media optimization is the goal of any brand looking to establish its digital presence.

Roundigital- Leaders of Social Media Marketing in India

We at Roundigital believe firmly in the power of social media as a part of digital marketing and have experts trained to take all your social media management worries away. Our professionals analyze and understand your brand and then focus on creating a social media presence that matches your brand’s unique personality. We understand social media algorithms and optimize the content that we create for you accordingly. We constantly update and innovate, to create strategies that will work for your brand and gather viral publicity for it.

Social media Optimization efforts can be broadly categories into the following categories:  

1) Creative campaigns

We engage in formulating campaigns that are curated from in-depth analysis and are engineered to gather results and achieve goals laid out at the starting. We offer maximum return on investment and go beyond traditional social media marketing platforms. We use a combination of the best social media marketing tools and hard-work and organic talent to offer brands a comprehensive strategy.

2) Tracking and reporting

An in-depth analysis of what works and what doesn’t work for your brand is an extremely important part of social media optimization and we are here to help. We at Roundigital use data analysis to gauge customer sentiments, upcoming trends and success of campaigns. We also engage in competitor research and inter-platform probing to offer all-around analysis results.

3) Content creation and strategy

We at Roundigital have in-house talented professionals that create attractive designs and appealing texts for your social media platforms. We curate after in-depth research and competitor research, to form a content strategy for your brand that is bound to make your brand viral.

4) Consultancy

Social media is constantly changing and the emergence of newer platforms, change in demographics and technology updates affect customer usage patterns. We have seasoned experts that specialize in helping brands navigate this dynamic terrain. Our team offers specialized solutions to any problems that your brand may be facing on social media and have tools to measure and maximize that can help your brand maximize ROI.

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