Social Media Ads

Social Media Advertising for Business Development

Social media advertising offers you an array of possibilities and is a sure shot way of getting high results and an increase in sales for any business. In simple terms, social media advertisements are the ads that are displayed to users on various social media platforms and they work really well to garner new customers, re-engage existing ones and offer a very high return on investment.

Expert team at Roundigital to curate Social media Ads for your brand

Our team at Roundigital has lots of experience in curating ads for different social media platforms, that not only increase sales but also build brand image. We research and create strategy and advertisements after choosing the right target audience, analyzing data such as demographics, interest, and behavior of the customers, which help you get higher returns. We have great
knowledge of different industries and understand the essence of marketing, which helps us in creating effective ads.

We help your brand display only highly relevant advertisement to your potential customers and our in-house experts create attractive content that is bound to garner further audience and engage audiences, as well as assist in direct sales. Our teams are well experienced and curate ad campaigns
that give quantifiable outcomes.

Facebook ads

We undertake specialized services for Facebook after an in-depth analysis of the company and the platform’s algorithms and keep updating with the changes that happen on the platforms. We curate Facebook ads in the form of Images, videos, product collection displays, carousel, event promotion,
page likes, engagement etcetera, depending on the brand’s needs and image.


Instagram has a dynamic audience and an – ever-changing algorithm. Our ads are created to tackle these and focus on visuality and vibrancy to derive conversions and attract customers for your brand. We create images, videos, carousel, GIFs, and stories for Instagram ads, which make customers take notice of your brand and its products 


YouTube is one of the largest platforms for advertisers and is an important way to connect with customers. We curate display, skippable and non-skippable videos, bumper and overlay ads for YouTube.


We help brands increase their customer base by tapping into trends on Instagram, creating hashtags that will be effective and running ads. We help you in promoting tweets, individuals and accounts, increase video views and drive traffic.


LinkedIn is an important social media platform that helps in targeting B2B interaction and we engage in creating videos, text ads and Sponsored InMail ads to help with sales and generate leads.

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