Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization refers to the act of ensuring that your brand’s name/website ranks high and appears at the top of the search results displayed on various search engine platforms such as Google, Yahoo etcetera. We, at Roundigital are experts in the field of SEO and help your brand increase its visibility in the digital world through effective SEO, that plays a vital role in driving traffic to your website and increasing revenue. We create specialized and customized SEO services for your brand after in-depth research about the market and we work closely with your team to understand your brand’s unique needs and then tailor-make SEO strategies that will work for your brand.

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We are the top SEO marketing agency in India and believe that SEO is a bit of both – science and art. We believe in only using ethical and organic methods of Search Engine Optimization and are completely transparent in our choice of keywords that we make in accordance with your wishes. We are an affordable SEO company that invests time and patience in our strategies to ensure measurable results. We pride ourselves on being highly creative and diligent as an SEO service provider and are constantly innovating and updating ourselves to use the best practices available in the industry and thus are the leading SEO marketing company in India. Some of the SEO services that we offer are:

1) Search Engine Optimization Audits

These refer to what can be called as an all-round analysis of the online presence of your brand and its SEO. At Roundigital, we generate a report after a thorough examination, optimize the required areas, fix stale information and links on the website, make sure that navigation on your website is smooth and update it after competitor research as well. An SEO audit should ideally be done at least twice a year.

2) Content marketing

The best SEO services in India understand that Content is king and is the secret behind success in the digital world. We provide content marketing services that aim to increase the value of your product, engage your audiences and thus have a positive effect on the sales  In a digital world that is clamoring with brands trying to sell products, a good content strategy can work wonders to increase reach and draw attention to the brand and grow its visibility. We engage in holistic content marketing that includes SEO strategy, social media analysis, content creation and public relations in its scope and does wonders for the expansion of your business.

3) Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the heart and soul Search engine optimization and refers to the process of analyzing what phrases or words are being used by potential customers to find brands like yours and thus it paves the way for developing a website that will match with the keywords to ensure that the customer can view it on the top of the result list. Our experienced professionals help in finding and focusing on the right keywords after thorough research and thus can help you increase traffic on your website by huge margins , which makes us the best SEO service provider in India. 

4) Web Migration

Web migration is a tricky area to navigate and thus, we specialize in helping brands make this transition. We believe in setting clear targets, measuring progress, testing the new website and provide constant backend support. We ensure that the migration will not harm the SEO and innovate to ensure effective SEO, post migration as well.

5) Markups

Using Markup ensures that the right kind of content that is available on your website pops-up after a keyword Is used on a search engine It’s an integral part of effective SEO and thus, we are constantly on the look-out for changing algorithms and introduce new tactics to keep up with it. We are experienced in marking up the right kind of content and work on keeping your website up to date with it.

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