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Amazon ads for increased sales

Amazon is the fastest growing marketplace in the world of e-commerce and advertising on it has become a huge area of interest for brands across the globe. It holds more than forty percent of online sales and thus offers a huge opportunity for brands to earn and increase revenue . Your marketplace strategy needs to be extremely strong in the face of volatile and fast- growing competition. Advertising on Amazon is a paid activity , and a sure shot way of increasing sales and visibility of your brand. Campaigns on Amazon help your brand sell more and more products and helps promote it’s products and services.

Amazon ads at Roundigital

Advertising on amazon , while easy at the first glance , is a complex activity and needs the use of strategies to ensure that it will offer great return on investment and help you attract new customers and sell more products. We at Roundigital help you run data driven , informative and effective ads on Amazon. We help you promote your company on amazon and create , manage and run ad campaigns on the website. All our campaigns are backed by extensive research and competitor analysis and thus give you fast and considerable results. We offer a complete range of integrated services for the platform. We create content and visual designs for the ads , research the right and precise keyword strategies , manage reviews and engage in product optimization for your brand and its range of products. We also engage in Amazon search engine optimization , which basically refers to making sure that your products rank on top when customers search for products on the e- commerce platform. We also copywrite and copyedit product descriptions that already include SEO and will also focus on promoting the selling points for the products. Our amazon ads increase your click-through rate and improve your purchase rates. We manage and create question and answers about your products and help build trust and relationships with your customers. We also offer consultancy services if you already are running your own campaigns on amazon but would need some professional help along the way. Our team of experts understand and study the needs of your brand and have great experience of e-commerce advertising and understand the algorithms at amazon and thus help you get the best results. We provide you with dedicated account manager , monthly comprehensive reports and face to face meetings , that help you solve your doubts and run the advertisements with your vision and values.

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