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Affiliate marketing is an effective way to get more results and increase sales of your business. As apart of online marketing , it basically refers to the process of increasing traffic on your own website by offering a commission to other ‘affiliates ‘ , who target the same audience as yours , when they advertise your product on their own platforms and websites. This helps in increasing revenue and also helps your brand to grow by offering simultaneous publicity .

Affiliate Marketing at Roundigital

It is now an important part for any business to have an affiliate marketing plan in place , and this is where Roundigital steps in. We have experienced and hardworking professionals that will help you plan and execute an affiliate marketing policy , after competitor research and thorough examination of your brand and its unique needs. We have a constantly updated list of websites that are bound to direct a lot of traffic to your original website and have great business relations and goodwill that will help your brand in forming profitable and successful partnerships with these websites and platforms. Through our years of combined experience , we know the right people and have great networking skills . We help you increase the visibility of your brand and at the same time , reduce cost of advertising. We also scale up the campaigns according to the needs of your growing company and provide you with cost- effective solutions , that will fit right into your budget and provide maximum return on investments for your brand , while not compromising on its expansion and development. Each website that will promote your brand will have a unique link created by us for it , which will help you gauge exact numbers and see real-time progress. We regularly check to keep out spam publishers and also keep a track of how well a publisher is doing for the progress of your brand , and continue to make changes in the schedule and plan accordingly. We also keep our communication channels open with both the brands and the publishers and thus help in creating a work relationship that is warm and cordial . We also provide constant backend support and solve technical problems and glitches in campaigns and hence help in creating an affiliate marketing programme that will help your brand reach newer heights and increase sales by a huge margin.

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